Copyright Information

Community broadcasters need to be aware of various aspects of copyright information. The CBAA endeavours to present information regarding copyright for community broadcasters, but if you have any copyright queries that are not covered as part of the links and information below, please contact the CBAA.

Who are the Australian copyright bodies?

Generally a community broadcaster will need to get permission to broadcast copyright material and, in some cases, to reproduce it. Community broadcasters pay annual licence fees under blanket licence agreements to the relevant collecting societies:

  • PPCA - Phonographic Performance Company of Australia. PPCA is an association of owners of copyright in sound recordings.
  • APRA - Australasian Performing Right Association. APRA is an association of authors, composers, music publishers and other music copyright owners who become APRA members and transfer to APRA their performing rights and APRA collects copyright fees on their behalf. APRA also administers AMCOS copyright.
  • AMCOS - Australasian Mechanical Copyright Owners’ Society (recording music and programs)