Sector Projects Consultative Committee (SPCC)

In order to ensure that the diverse needs of the community broadcasting sector are met in the conduct of sector-wide projects, the Community Broadcasting Foundation (CBF) requires that appropriate communication and consultation occurs with relevant sector interest groups in the planning and conduct of sector-wide projects.  

Where the CBF has appointed the Community Broadcasting Association of Australia (CBAA) as Project Manager of a sector-wide project, this consultation occurs through the Sector Projects Consultative Committee (SPCC).

Sector Projects Consultative Committee (SPCC)
  • Adrian Basso (Chair / President, CBAA)
  • Jon Bisset (General Manager, CBAA)
  • Peter Luckett (RPH Australia Chair)
  • Tiga Bayles (AICA President)
  • Tangi Steen (NEMBC President)
  • Phil Edwards (CMA CEO)
  • Ian Stanistreet (CBF Executive Director)
  • Judy Hiscox (DBCDE)


Download: SPCC Terms of Refernce (PDF 136kb)