Using CRN

How to Use the Content

General program distribution
CRN runs to a weekly program schedule. Core programs, including some of the best Australian community radio content, are typically 28, 56 or 60 minutes in length. Stations are free to air these programs live or rebroadcast them at a time of their choice.

As a sustaining service
CRN runs 24/7, allowing stations to use it as a sustaining service and broadcast around the clock. This is valuable for supplementing difficult spots in program formats, such as midnight to dawn and weekend shifts, during studio overhaul periods or when a regular presenter is unable to make a shift.

Broadcasters - you can use segments and program excerpts
Presenters are free to cut up CRN programming and use excerpts in their own shows, as long as the original makers are credited. CRN also has a number of shorter segments, including specialist weekly news bulletins, that are useful for embedding in local content.

Types of Programming

Specialist music & talk programs
CRN offers specialist music shows in rock, pop, blues, jazz, country, hip hop, world, classical, experimental music genres and more. Our talk program line-up includes some of the best community radio content covering arts and culture, politics, lifestyle, environment, sport and more.

News and current affairs
Hourly news bulletins are produced specifically for the community sector by National Radio News, and available for an additional fee. Live weekday current affairs are available free through The Wire.

Festivals and extras
CRN provides live broadcasts of music and other festivals in co-operation with local stations. These have included the Woodford Folk Festival, Tamworth, Womadelaide, the Mildura Country Music Festival, Wangaratta Jazz Festival, National Folk Festival, Melbourne Cup and more. We also play one-off specials as they come up, and regularly distribute BBC documentary content.

CSAs and other short content
CRN distributes community service announcements and other short content to stations when available.

Commercial or non-profit programs
Appropriate commercial or non-profit organisations may purchase programming time on CRN. These may be special event programs, community service announcements or regular special interest programs. Sales of airtime help defray CRN costs.

Staying Informed

Subscriber stations receive a weekly email update of CRN activities, while the program grid is updated monthly. Many program makers create cue sheets and can email these to your station on request. Edition-specific information is also available via the DDN Plus system.

Satellite Advisory Committee

The Satellite Advisory Committee is made up of representatives from subscriber stations, and a program maker representative. It provides CRN with advice and feedback on satellite matters, and inputs into programming decisions.

Station Responsibilities

Program content
As the actual broadcaster to the public, it's your responsibility to ensure the material you carry is within the law and meets your policies. CRN is a content distribution service but not an official broadcast - all programming decisions and remain in with subscriber stations. All program-makers are required by us to agree not to break the law or contravene sector aims - but that doesn't remove your responsibility to check these programs. If you come across content you find objectionable please inform CRN staff.

Logging and copyright
It's also your responsibility to log your on-air broadcasts as required by law, whether from satellite or otherwise; and to complete music log sheets or other procedures required to meet copyright or other broadcaster responsibilities.

Sponsorship guidelines
Stations need to make sure their sponsorship content - including programs coming from CRN - doesn't exceed the legal limit. A list of sponsorship content embedded in CRN programs is contained in each weekly email update.

You should not receive CRN programs on relay from another station, or provide access to your feed to others, without first contacting the CBAA and discussing it. In some circumstances we allow - even encourage - this. But the rights of various parties need to be carefully considered first.

As a CBAA member your station is invested in CRN – please contribute your ideas and feedback to or 02 93102999. CRN is operated with a skeleton staff and program editions are not necessarily vetted before distribution.