The Community Radio Network is a service for community radio stations - allowing you to access a wide range of national programming to complement your own local programs. It is not designed as a service for private individuals.

Your station doesn't have to be a member of the CBAA to access the service, but members receive technical support and discount fees.

The Community Broadcasting Foundation (CBF) provides grants to licenced stations to enable them to purchase satellite reception equipment. Others choose to source their own equipment, but if you do this please liaise with CRN staff to ensure system compatibility.

Set-up needs:

  1. a solid dish
  2. an LNB (a down converter at the focal point of the dish)
  3. a digital VAST receiver
  4. smart card
  5. balancing equipment
  6. installation
  7. optional: program capture system (check with us for availability of purpose-built Digital Delivery Network servers)

For information on satellite reception and DDN equipment grants please contact the Community Broadcasting Foundation on 03 8341 5900 or visit the CBF website.

For more detailed information on how to set up and operate your satellite equipment please call the CBAA office on 02 9310 2999.

Register to join the Community Radio Network here.