Do You Know Their Wishes?

Welcome to the content of the Community Broadcasting Association of Australia’s Do You Know Their Wishes? project.

This project, sponsored by the Organ and Tissue Authority, aims to raise awareness of the importance of organ and tissue donation, and to encourage families to ask and know each others’ donation wishes.

The CBAA project team has developed a series of eight two-minute radio segments focusing on raising awareness of the facts about organ and tissue donation, and dispelling existing myths about donation.

You’ll find these audio segments below, along with two short CSAs promoting DonateLife Week 2012 (19-26 February 2012). DonateLife Week is Australia’s national organ and tissue awareness week, encouraging all Australians to “ask and know your loved ones’ wishes”.

We encourage you to use this audio, along with the accompanying printed and promotional information, to help ensure your community members discuss their donation wishes with those around them.

For more information on the ‘Do You Know Their Wishes?’ project, please phone: (02) 9310 2999 or email:

Additional information about organ and tissue donation is available at

Click on the track title to download content.

Track 1: I’m thinking about becoming a donor (2 minutes)
This track provides some information on why becoming a donor is so important.

Track 2: Is it really worth becoming a donor? (2 minutes)
This track looks at the ways in which a single donor can save or enhance the lives of 10 or more people.

Track 3: I think my mother wants to be a donor (2 minutes)
This track highlights the importance of knowing the donation wishes of your family members and loved ones.

Track 4: I’m too old to donate, aren’t I? (2 minutes)
This track looks at some of the common age-related myths that might prevent people from becoming donors.

Track 5: My family won’t be able to view my body (2 minutes)
This track highlights the fact that your family will be able to view your body and have an open casket if they wish.

Track 6: I don’t need to tell my family (2 minutes)
This track looks at why it’s so important for your family to know, and remember, your decision to be an organ and tissue donor.

Track 7: I’m too young to worry about donation (2 minutes)
This track reminds us that it is important to think about your donation decision, even as a young adult.

Track 8: I don’t need to know my family’s decision (2 minutes)
This track reminds us of the importance of finding out whether our family members wish to be donors.

Track 9 and Track 10: CSAs promoting DonateLife Week 2012 (30 seconds)
These two short 30-second CSAs promote DonateLife Week 2012, which takes place from 19-26 February.

Track 11: Interview with Robyn Hookes from the David Hookes Foundation (10:19)
This track features an interview with Robyn Hookes, wife of iconic Australian cricketer David Hookes, who died tragically in 2004. Robyn speaks about the work of the Foundation and encourages more Australians to register as organ donors.

For more information, visit the DonateLife website at