CRN Fees

The CBAA aims to deliver the CRN service at a minimal cost, with substantial discounts to member stations. All programs on the CRN can be broadcast live or recorded and re-broadcast later.

Subscriber stations can also use portions of programs, provided credit is given to the original program maker. 

There is no charge for the use of DDN (Digital Delivery Network) computers to capture CRN content.

Subscriber stations are required to supply up-to-date audited accounts to the CBAA. If accounts are not submitted, stations will be charged at the maximum rate.

  • Stations that elect to pay their CRN subscription in annual upfront payment receive a 5% discount.
  • National Radio News: The CRN fee allows subscribers to rebroadcast all content apart from National Radio News bulletins, for which an additional fee is charged. If broadcast of NRN bulletins is unavoidable due to the station using CRN as a sustaining service, stations may apply for an NRN fee exemption. Contact CRN staff for further information. 
  • Fully-licensed CBAA member stations are charged quarterly, at a rate of 0.6% of gross income - with a minimum fee of $150/qtr (plus GST) to a maximum of $475/qtr (plus GST).
  • Aspirant members will be charged at a one-off rate of $150 per year (plus GST). Aspirant non-members will be charged at the rate of $475 per year (plus GST).
  • TCBL members will be charged at the rate of $300 (plus GST) per year in the first year of operation and $400 (plus GST) in subsequent years, until a full membership is granted.
  • Non-members of the CBAA may use the service at a charge of $800 (plus GST) per quarter.


Stations are invoiced for the service at the end of each calendar quarter, for the following quarter. Please make sure the CBAA has your latest audited accounts, otherwise you may be charged the maximum rate.

The CBAA does not charge for use of other community broadcasting services available via the same receiver unit (NIRS, RPH, Hope), however usage of the BBC World Service does require a small annual payment. Contact CRN staff for further information on 02 9310 2999 or email

Cancelling the service

Stations that stop using the service will continue to be charged until submitting a cancellation form to the CBAA, and on the return of any CBF-funded equipment where deemed appropriate. 

Register as a new user

For information on satellite reception and DDN equipment grants please contact the Community Broadcasting Foundation on 03 9419 8055 or visit the CBF website.

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