Big Night In

Welcome to the content of the ‘Big Night In’ project.

This project aims promote a greater understanding among young people of the consequences of binge drinking. It uses the voices of young people to provide a range of perspectives on binge drinking. In particular, the project content highlights the many risks and social problems that can result from binge drinking, using the experiences of young people themselves to show how dangerous and socially embarrassing binge drinking can be.

The project comprises a series of twenty-four short radio segments designed to provide young people with information on the social and health effects of, and risks associated with, binge drinking.

We would encourage you to use these radio segments in your local community to help address the important issue of binge drinking.

For more information on this project, please phone (02) 9310 2999 or email:

This program has been produced with the support of the Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education, an independent, charitable organisation working to prevent the harmful use of alcohol in Australia.

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Track 1:         My drinking ended our friendship
Dur:                1:40

Track 2:         Their drinking ruined their relationship
Dur:                1:39

Track 3:         She ended up with some serious scars
Dur:                1:57

Track 4:         Our exes just drunk too much
Dur:                2:13

Track 5:         She ended up in the hospital
Dur:                2:24

Track 6:         I think binge-drinking leads to stupid behaviour
Dur:                2:03

Track 7:         She passed out and didn’t know what was happening
Dur:                1:47

Track 8:         I make bad decisions when I’ve been drinking
Dur:                2:01

Track 9:         I hate the cost of binge drinking
Dur:                1:34

Track 10:      I did stuff I regret on uni camps
Dur:                2:00

Track 11:      I don’t go out because of the violence
Dur:                2:08

Track 12:      I lost a friend and a potential partner
Dur:                1:24

Track 13:      I found out I’m not invincible
Dur:                1:14

Track 14:      I was in hospital for two weeks
Dur:                1:35

Track 15:      It was just really, really embarrassing
Dur:                1:29

Track 16:      It ruined the next day totally
Dur:                1:20

Track 17:      I slept with a guy I didn’t even like
Dur:                1:25

Track 18:      We got into a massive argument over nothing
Dur:                1:21

Track 19:      I damaged my vision
Dur:                1:29

Track 20:      I had to find new friends
Dur:                1:35

Track 21:      He’s an idiot when he drinks
Dur:                1:26

Track 22:      She ended up pregnant
Dur:                1:08

Track 23:      I ended up with a criminal record
Dur:                1:25

Track 24:      I broke some bones and some trust
Dur:                1:23