About the Community Radio Network

National programming delivered to your station 24/7

The Community Radio Network (CRN) is the CBAA’s program distribution and sustaining service, delivering radio programs in a  real-time audio stream via satellite.

Access to over 100 talk and music programs

The line-up includes Australia’s 3rd-largest radio news network, National Radio News, live current affairs with The Wire, and the Good Morning Country breakfast show.

Automatic program capture

Using the Digital Delivery Network (DDN) stations’ program selections are captured to a purpose-built computer, at full audio bandwidth

Help for set-up costs

CBF grants are available for satellite equipment and DDN computers

Supplement your program schedule with the best national programming that community radio has to offer.

Access a constant source of interviews, features and CSAs to plug into your station’s existing programs. CRN gives stations freedom to concentrate program-making energies on locally-based information and culture.

You make the decisions on content

Use as much programming as you like for one fee (excluding the National Radio News)

Contribute to the network

Send the best programming from your station nationwide

Across Australia

City to bush, coast to coast, over 150 stations are part of the Community Radio Network.

Whether for the unique spoken word content, specialist music shows, overnight sustaining service, or access to powerful documentaries and festival broadcasts, CRN content will enhance your station’s local programming.

It’s content for community radio, made by community radio. To find out more call the CBAA office on 02 9310 2999 or email crn@cbaa.org.au.

DDN Plus

Use of CRN programming is made even easier with your Digital Delivery Network (DDN) computer. Lodge your program selections online – the audio is automatically captured, ready for broadcast when it suits your schedule.

DDN Plus gives stations even more information, thanks to new playback software, and a new, user-friendly ordering system. Visit the CBF website to learn how your station can apply for a DDN computer.