Tell your MP about your station

Now is a great time to contact your Federal MP, if you haven’t already, to let them know about the work of your station.

You can use this guide (available here) and template letter (available here) to contact your Federal MP. You can use the template letter to invite your MP for an interview, to a community event or to simply let them know about your station.

Telling your story makes politicians realise why political support for community broadcasting is important to their electorate. It also helps the CBAA in our work securing increased funding and policy support for the sector.  

In our 2012-2015 Strategic Plan, the CBAA committed to advancing the interests of the community broadcasting sector through policy leadership, representation and advocacy. As part of this commitment we are making sure that politicians know about the great work of stations and the passion of our listeners and volunteers.

The CBAA has recently written to all Federal Members of Parliament to inform them of the results of the 2014 Community Radio National Listener Survey. This survey showed that over 5.2 million people listen to community radio each week and that community radio was highly valued by 95% of the audience.
The CBAA has also informed each MP about the local radio stations in their electorate and we’ve encouraged them to learn more about the important work you do.

If you have any questions about contacting your local politician or the policy and advocacy work of the CBAA, please contact our Policy and Advocacy Officer Joel Pringle on 02 9318 9611 or