2013 National Listener Survey

National Listener Surveys have been carried out biennially since 2004 by McNair Ingenuity Research, under the guidance of the CBOnline Project for the CBAA.

The surveys provide valuable feedback to the community broadcasting sector and local community stations about trends, listeners and the sector itself.

The results indicate a consistent, strong and dedicated community radio audience, in the face of a rapidly changing media environment and increased listening options. Results show the increasing development in the community broadcasting sector's listener base. Our local community is what makes up the listeners of community broadcasting in Australia - and they are listening in droves, with 5,204,000 (29%) listening to local community radio in an average week out of a total of 15,310,000 Australians who listen to radio overall.

According to the survey, 94% of listeners highly value community radio and tune in because they want to hear:

  • Local information and news (this is the number one reason Australians listen to community radio)
  • Specialist music programs
  • Independent opinions delivered by local people
  • Programming not heard elsewhere

The 2013 Community Radio National Listener Survey booklet is available here.

For further information contact Stephen Hahn, Manager, CBOnline Project at: shahn@cbaa.org.au or go to the CBOnline website.